The gym can be such an alien place for a sedentary woman who is just starting to work out. It will be hard at first to get the hang of things and to learn to do your fitness sessions right. Here are some starter tips especially for women to make the transition to the fitness world painlessly easy:

Buy the right sports bra

Before you Google “womens gym clothes online,” you should look for a really good sports bra. This is the one piece of clothing that will get you through an intense workout session physically as well as mentally. Women who tend to pack more in the chest area should be particularly keen to find a sports bra that fits. Don’t even think about wearing a regular bra to the gym. Without adequate support, your breasts will bruise and chafe as your upper torso moves with rigorous exercises. It will be painful and off putting to go to the gym again, and the scars might never heal. Also, as a woman, you don’t want to have your workout ruined by worries about your boobs bouncing on the treadmill, so get the right bra before you even sign up for a gym membership.

Avoid cotton

Cotton is an absolutely divine fabric to have as pillow covers or pyjamas, but not as workout clothes. Cotton absorbs water quite well and doesn’t let it evaporate easily. That means, when you sweat during your exercise sessions, any cotton clothes you wear will absorb the sweat and won’t dry quickly enough. Your clothes will begin to feel heavy and quite uncomfortable, which will distract you from your session. Heed this caution and choose workout clothes made out of synthetic material that flicks droplets of sweat off your skin or at least lets water evaporate quickly.

Use Vaseline

Chafing is a big concern for women who are just starting to work out. Your skin is most vulnerable to getting scraped off under the arms, around the breasts and inside the thighs. Essentially, wherever a hem touches your skin will be prone to chafing. You cannot ward off chafing entirely with the right athletic wear. Sometimes, it takes a bit of lubricant to keep your skin safe. Lubricants like petroleum jelly, which comes under the brand name Vaseline, are excellent skin protectants as the jelly is waterproof, won’t evaporate and is less likely to rub off on anything else. Moisturisers that your skin absorbs in a matter of minutes won’t help against chafing.

Avoid high-fat meals before a workout

Don’t eat greasy food like potato fries right before your workout session. Ideally, all high-fat food must be avoided up to four hours before a workout. The problem is such foods dilate your blood vessels resulting is less blood flow to muscles when they really need it during intense physical activity. Additionally, eating fatty food right before a workout could make you feel bloated and unmotivated to push yourself during your sessions.

Last but not least, do not look at other people in the gym. They may look like fitness magazine models completely at home when you are just starting to work out. Such misconceptions will only discourage you and make you feel awkward to try out new things. Remember that, those people were also once just like you. Everyone had to start somewhere. Stick to your workout schedule and sooner or later you’ll be lifting like a pro, too.


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