Be it a huge or a small business, it can always face a wide array of options when it comes to hosting their website, mail server and web application. One of the most commonly found options is shared hosting. In this kind of hosting service, you have single servers resources which are further shared with several websites.  

There are several companies that provide hosting Australia services. You can pick either shared hosting services or dedicated hosting services. Dedicated hosting does differ from shared hosting services. With a dedicated hosting, you will have a dedicated hosting provider and a client can rent a server from the provider. A client will have an exclusive use of the resources available in the server. The client gets services, such as CPU, RAM as well as enough of disk space which they would require. The server is built and maintained through the provider. Clients will not require purchasing their own server, which ends up saving a lot of business upfront expenses.  

For sure, dedicated hosting does provide an upper level of security and protection to your website and traffic. There are several advantages of selection such a hosting service, such as a dedicated one. A few of them have been mentioned below: 

The server resources are never shared 

With a dedicated hosting provider, you will get a one server, but with a complete set of resources, restricted for the use of one client alone. Hence, you need not get bothered or worry about other websites cramming the servers RAM and CPU. When you have a dedicated hosting server, the bad scripts which are running on other websites or even sudden spikes will not hamper or slow the way your server operates.  

Level of security and performance keeps getting better 

When you settle for a dedicated hosting provider, you can be assured of obtaining the highest uptime for your site. When traffic is low on a website, they could settle shared hosting. But if you do attain high amount of traffic, you must best settle for desiccated hosting. They are any day more reliable and dedicated, as the name states.  

This will also provide you with the security of not sharing space with any website that’s malicious and not a trusted on. Plus you stay away from probable spammers too. Thus you enjoy high amount of security, which is a priority for companies which have to deal with sensitive transactions over SSL or FTP.  

Quite flexible 

With a dedicated hosting provider, you attain the flexibility to change or customise the server’s settings as per your current requirements. Hence, the software, space, RAM and also CPU can be customised as per your websites need. In the case of shared hosting, the client will only have to stick to applications. The operating settings and software too are all set and loaded on the server. Hence there is nothing much a client can actually do. They might be offered a software or simply stick to the things which are still lacking with the settings.  

You get a unique IP address 

Every server comes with a unique IP address. In the case of shared hosting, there would be several websites with which you would also need to share the same IP address with. If any of your neighbours turns out being an adult or a span site, you can fall into the danger of having your website pushed down, which means low in SEO ranking.  

However, in the case of dedicated server, you will have your very own personal IP address. This would be quite crucial if you have a huge or a budding e-commerce website. This would definitely require SSL when it comes to processing of credit card.  


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