Are you a maid of honor and are excited for all the preps to come ahead? We know the jitters one gets when they become bridesmaid or a maid of honor. Just as the fun doubles, the work doubles as well? A huge responsibility of arranging and pulling a perfectly organized bridal shower falls on your shoulders. Well, there is no such thing as a perfect bridal shower, but still, you know you have to make your best friend’s day the best she had in a long time. We know this will make you freak out a lot because let’s just accept, it is a little overwhelming. However, we suggest you should not spend this time worrying when you can enjoy all the preps. How? Let us tell you how you can arrange the best bridal shower for your best friend ever! 

Start With The Basics 

Most of the girls do not know from where to start, so they start from whatever pops into their mind, but that’s wrong. Make a list and start with the necessary things. If it is a surprise, the decisions will be based on how well you know your best friend; otherwise, everything will need her approval. Begin by setting up a timeline. Give yourself around two to three months, so everything is done well on time, without any conflicts. Scour the venue first and decide where you want to host the party. If it is in your house, the bride’s house, her parent’s house, any restaurant, and winery, etc. The location is dependent on what kind of activities you will have, so keep that in mind. Obviously, you can’t call in male entertainment in Melbourne or strippers in someone’s backyard, so be sure of that. Also, prepare a guestlist, so you know how many people will be coming. Making a list beforehand and passing through the bride will ensure that you aren’t missing out someone important. You will also have ample time to go through it, again and again, to see if you skipped someone or not. Lastly, plan the budget and manage who and how are you going to incur the cost. It’s essential. 

Move Towards The Fun Stuff! 

When the essential part of the work is done, move towards the fun stuff which you are going to enjoy arranging. Start by planning the theme of the party. What’s the bride like, and what does she love the most? Is she a bohemian queen or someone who is a partying Rockstar? By considering that, get creative with the theme, you can centre the party around. Next up will be the food. It doesn’t matter how much fun you have, what the venue is, and what the theme is. If the food and wines aren’t up to the mark, the fun will dim. By keeping your budget and time of the day in mind, plan the menu. If you are on a tight budget, have the appetizers only and keep the wine flowing. Or, you can go with an all-dessert bar as well. Be creative and think of the time you are hosting the party at, so the menu matches that. The décor is another essential element of the bridal shower. If you do not have the budget to hire a planner, you can always Pinterest the ideas, buy the supplies from a local market and DIY. You can rent the backdrop and important stuff, so the décor is balanced and doesn’t look too crafty. Similarly, in the end, make sure you have favors ready as a token of thanks for the attendees as well. If nothing else, keep a goodie bag of chocolates. 

Plan The Games 

Yes, this deserved a separate heading. Now that you have decided the necessary details arranged the party stuff and we are sure you know by now what you all will be wearing, what’s left? What are you all going to do at the party? Going spontaneous is always fun, but keep a few games planned to add life to the party. It should feel like a bridal shower and not an everyday party. Hence, keep some bride-centric funny and kinky games planned so that everyone can have a good laugh. 

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