The time has come for the moment you have been waiting for your whole life; planning your BFF’s send-off before the big day. Or, as is more commonly known, the bachelor/bachelorette party. You may have been in charge of organizing them in the past (for whatever reason) or are doing so professionally. But chances are, you would want a helping hand in setting up the most perfect party ever. After all, you want your bestie to have the night of their lives before they go on to bigger and better things. It can be tricky, since you want to respect their wishes and also ensure everybody has a fun and memorable evening. So if you are searching for some inspiration, why not take a look here?  

Get Your Army Together 

You are going to need all hands on deck for this one, and since there will be a whole lot of surprise elements, you will want people you can trust. Remember though, too many cooks spoil the soup, so you want to also keep the group to a minimum. How about your bestie’s other friends and family members? The family is always good to have on board since you can come up with those extra special details only they can fill in. And make sure you all communicate efficiently as well so you can exchange bucks party ideas effectively.  


Some people like to celebrate somewhere away from home (The Hangover anyone?). Which means that sometimes a destination party is in order. How fancy it is entirely depends on you, and of course how much everyone else can afford. Since the star of the show will not be paying for any of this (apart from certain costs), you will need to take this critically into account. You want everyone to enjoy themselves without worrying about not having money at any point. And people may not always be willingly vocal about this sort of thing. So make sure you show them they are free to voice their opinions as necessary.  


Once again this depends on the star of the night. Some people prefer something more mature and relaxed, and others want to party it UP. Yet some others want it to turn out really wild, in which case you can check out spots like Damien’s Party Entertainment. There are all sorts of entertainment options you can go for, but of course you cannot get all of them. So to narrow things down, get an idea of what they want and then do some research before locking in a final decision. You should go with another member or two of your gang since it might help. 

Set Up a Schedule 

Look, the whole purpose of this is for everyone to have fun and let loose. So you do not want to set up a schedule that is too regimented or strict. It will not help anyone, and chances are people will just leave you behind to hang back with your schedule! No, the purpose of this is to outline what you want to do. This way, everyone has an idea about the events and activities, and who is supposed to be where when. But, we must stress that this is generally for parties that take place over long days and weekends. So if it is a one-night sort of party, then the schedule can be quite basic and more simplified.  

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