Facebook has become a household name in today’s world. And thus, the importance of Facebook marketing also has increased. Today, most companies and businesses have their own Facebook page or a fan page. These help in marketing the product or the business. But most companies or businesses feel that their Facebook profile is not drawing as much attention as they would have hoped. Here are 5 Facebook marketing mistakes that might be costing you.

  1. Not responding to your fans’ comments and posts.

It is important to make your fans feel like their love is being felt. It is the whole point of having a Facebook page in the first place. But in many cases, most of the fans’ posts and comments go un-responded. This is a big mistake. It is important to always respond to your fans’ posts and comments to get them interested in you. Many of the popular companies and business have learned to interact with their customers more freely, which has led to their success and popularity.

  1. All your posts are about the same thing

People prefer variety everywhere. This is true even in the case of Facebook posts. If all your posts are about the same thing or your product or services, your fans will easily get bored with you. It is important to make your posts as varied and interesting as possible. It is important to have a balance between the types of posts. Your posts should make your audience see you as a separate individual rather than just a business.

  1. Not having enough budget for advertising

Nothing is free anymore. The same goes for Facebook marketing. The days of free marketing through Facebook is long past us. So it is important to have some budget allotted for Facebook advertising. The Facebook ad is a strong and efficient tool for attracting more people.

  1. Forgetting about your mobile audience

A large number of Facebook users prefers to use Facebook through their phone. A point that most businesses forget to take into consideration is that they are not optimized for mobile viewing. So it is important to optimize your Facebook posts for mobile use especially if you’re redirecting them to your own website. Otherwise, the page just won’t load properly.

  1. Inconsistent and irregular posting schedules

It is important to keep posting on your Facebook page to keep your profile active among your fans. Many business fan pages don’t post regularly and are soon forgotten. Without regular posts, it is difficult to maintain followers.

Facebook has become such an important and influential part of our life. So much so that companies have begun extensive marketing through Facebook. It is both cheap and long reaching a form of communication with the masses. But it is important to make sure that you stay away from the above-mentioned mistakes. They can cost you in more ways than one.

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